Municipal Court

The City of Rio Hondo Municipal Court provides citizens with a fair and impartial court of law by interpreting and adjudicating applicable state laws and city ordinances. 

We pledge to uphold this commitment and offer courteous customer service to all citizens and serve our internal and external communities with integrity, professionalism, and the highest level of customer service while providing a variety of services. 

The Municipal Court's primary function is to process all Class C Criminal charges filed by the Police Department and Code Enforcement Officers alleged to have occurred within the city limits of the City of Rio Hondo. These include charges filed under the Texas Transportation Code, Penal Code, Alcoholic Beverage Code, Health and Safety Code, Education Code, and the City of Rio Hondo of Ordinances. 

Mission Statement: 

The Municipal Court will perform its job competently, efficiently, and relatively to merit public confidence. It relies on Public confidence to enforce its orders. Municipal Court must create and maintain such public confidence in an order that persons can depend on the protection of all citizens' rights under the constitution of the United States. It has and will always be the intention of the Municipal Court to treat all citizens that come before the Court with respect, dignity, and courtesy without regard to their race, color, and or religion.