Contact Information

Phone Number:  956-748-3611

Chief:   William Bilokury


Rio Hondo City Police Department’s mission is to provide the highest quality of police service to citizens and visitors, serve and protect the people within the jurisdictional boundaries of the City of Rio Hondo, Texas. We will strive to ensure public peace by preventing crime, detecting and arresting criminal offenders, protecting life, property and the rights of all persons, regulating and controlling traffic, maintaining police records and communications and other responsibilities as indicated by statute, City ordinance, or Department directives.


Rio Hondo Fire Department furnish “firefighting” services to the City and to unincorporated area of Cameron County designated as Zone Number 4 on the Official Fire Protection Service Zone Map of the District. The Fire Department provides the use of personnel and equipment to extinguish and suppress fires, to handle hazardous materials incidents, confined space rescues, vehicle accident back-up and extrication in required cases, and other related matter.
Besides the City of Rio Hondo, the department has a responsibility of approximately 200 square miles within the County.To  provide said services the Fire Department has approximately 30 trained volunteer fire fighters in 1 fire station, with 1 fire engines, 2 light brush trucks, 1 heavy brush truck, 1 tanker, and other vehicles and communication equipment.
In addition, the city maintains 3 paid staff members to dispatch and coordinates operations from Police Headquarters at City Hall.
We also give CPR/Aed classes – call city hall for more info at (956) 748-2102